Leica R to Canon EF Mount


Standard Canon EOS bayonet for Leica-R lenses.


Including six replacement screws.

Caution! The following lenses use screws of different diameter, so the standard diameter screws provided with my bayonet will not work.
Please let us know if you want to use one of these lenses and we will send you additional thinner screws:

        - Summilux 50/1.4 E60

        - Summilux 35/1.4  

        - Apo-Elmarit 180/2.8

        - Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5

        - Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4

        - Vario-Elmarit 35-70/2.8 ASPH

        - Vario-APO-Elmarit 70-180/2.8

        - Vario-Elmarit 105-280/4.2

        - Apo-Telyt-R Focus-Modules

        - Apo-Extender-R  2x and 1.4x ROM

Caution! Most of the Leica-R lenses with ten screws at the base of the mount can use our standard bayonet with six holes, But some Leica-R Zoom lenses use longer screws at the standard six hole positions, for example:

     - Vario-Elmar 21-35/3.5-4.0 ASPH

     - Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8-4.5 ASPH