Precisious Cine Ring 77mm (OD 80mm)

Custom Cine Ready Cap 80mm


Please fill the form below with your informations or just send your own design by email at Please download the template down this page to obtain the right dimensions.

This pack contains

Cine Ready Cap 80mm V3
x 1
Disc 80 (76.7mm)
x 1

Additional information

The high quality rubber cap fits snugly over an 80mm front diameter. Keeps dust and debris off of the front part and protects it from damage. Works perfectly with the Cine Ready ring and with every models with an 80mm front diameter. It has a tight fit and won't fall off easily. Perfect for the professional who cares for their equipment. The top of the custom cap is made of black anodised aluminium. It makes the cap even stronger for a maximum protection of your lens. The design is engraved in white.